Thursday, September 1, 2011

Classes / レッスン

I am teaching by appointment only on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Please contact me to schedule a lesson. If you need a partner, let me know which cakes you are interested in and I will try to help you pair up with someone.

Fees quoted here are for lessons with a minimum of two people. Private lessons can be arranged at extra cost and no lessons are conducted on weekends, public holidays or in the evenings.

Please be considerate. If you are more than 30 minutes late for class I reserve the right to cancel class and return your deposit minus material fees. Thank you for your understanding.

Choux Swans and Choux - beginner

Learn how to make fail-proof choux pastry, then take it up a notch and make beautiful choux in the shape of an elegant swan. Each student will make half a dozen each of regualr choux and choux swans. $150/person

Pear Charlotte - Intermediate

Do you like boozy desserts? Then this is the cake for you! Filled with Bavarian cream infused with Poire William pear liqueur, it satisfies the adult in you while letting you indulge in your sweet tooth.

Lesson also includes instructions on how to make roses from pear slices.

Each student makes one 18cm cake.


Framboisier (recipe by Hidemi Sugino) - Advanced

Who says buttercream is heavy and too sweet? Layers of joconde biscuits and buttercream with some red currant/raspberry gelee thrown into the mix. This is one dessert that will change the way you look at buttercream forever. But don't take my word for it, see for yourself.
Each person makes one rectangular cake that can be cut into 10 pieces. $170/person

Background information: Hidemi Sugino won the 1991 World Pastry Competition, and has been a Japanese heavy-weight in the pastry world ever since. His only store in Ginza has customers line up hours before opening and there's usually nothing much left after noon.

Cake Rolls - Intermediate

Love fruits filled Charlotte cakes? You'll love the Charlotte cake roll filled with a yummy yogurt chantilly cream and topped with fresh seasonal fruits. You 'll learn how to pipe out the finger biscuits in a pretty pattern.

We will also make a green tea cake roll using a green tea souffle cake recipe by the famous Japanese chef Sadaharu Aoki. The cake is super moist with an intense matcha flavor. The filling is chantilly cream with Japanse azuki bean paste.


Green Tea Tiramisu - intermediate
A modernized tiramisu based on a classic recipe. Instead of finger biscuits, you'll make a genoise sponge cut to exactly the same size of the mould for a neater look. Italian meringue is added to the mascarpone mousse to give it an extra light texture while providing just the right amount of sweetness. Finally, the cakes are soaked with a syrup made of Japanese matcha.

Classic coffee flavored tiramisu recipe also provided so you get two cakes in one lesson!

Each person makes one 18x18cm square cake @$150/person

Chocolat - Advanced
This is the most popular cake at Enchante. A rich chocolate mousse made of 70% Valrhona chocolate is coated in a smooth chocolate glaze. Inside you'll bite into two layers of soft chocolate biscuit and one layer of crunchy hazelnut feuilletine. If you love chocolate, you'll love this cake.

Lesson does not include macarons for decoration.

Each person makes one 18cm round cake @$170/person

Mango-Passion Raspberry Moussecake - Advanced
This cake is the perfect harmony of tropical fruity flavors. We tone down the tartness of raspberry by making it into a rich creamy sauce, and balance the sweetness of mango with the acidity of passionfruit.

You'll also learn how to turn up the beauty quota by adding colorful patterns to joconde. This is a cake to impress!

Each person makes one 18cm round cake @$170/person

Charme - (Hidemi Sugino's black forest) - intermediate
A variation on the classic Black Forest cake by famous Japanese pastry chef Hidemi Sugino. In his version, there are two layers of chocolate chantilly cream, a rich dark chocolate layer where the kirsch soaked griottines are hidden, and a light milk chocolate layer to tie everything together.

The decoration is an adaptation of the original version. You'll learn to make a versatile chocolate almond nougatine that can be used to decorate many other chocolate themed cakes and tarts.


Tart Series: Part I - Beginner
In this lesson you will learn how to make pâte sucré, a wonderful sweet and crumbly tart base and fill it with caramelized walnut and almond cream. While the tartlets are baking in the oven, we will make financier, named for its resemblence to gold bars. They are rich and flavorful and addictive. Each participant will make six tartlets and six financiers.

$130/ person

Tart Series Part II: Fruit Cocktail Tart - Intermediate

This tart has the wow factor both in appearance and in taste. We will make two tart dough, one plain, one flavored with coco powder and make the striped bottomless tart base. The bottom of the tart is a fragrant coconut cream, which will be baked into a golden brown crust. The tart is then filled with pastry cream and fresh fruits. You will also learn how to cut apples into petals to decorate this impressive tart.


Tart Series Part III: Normandy Tart - Intermediate

You will make an 18cm tart with pâte sablé crust, which is a soft and flavorful almond crust. It contains less sugar than pâte sucré, and is more suitable for larger tarts. The Normandy tart is a traditional French tart originated from the Normandy region, known for its apples.  Needless to say, apples and Calvados apple liqueur plays a main part in this tart.


Opera - Advanced

Tired of stores passing off dry, flavorless cakes as Opera? Learn to make your own! Thin layers of almond cake soaked in coffee and cognac flavored syrup, layered between coffee flavored butter cream and chocolate ganache. It's the ultimate indulgence.

You'll learn how to make classic French buttercream and ganache, and the technique of achieving a perfectly smooth cake top.


Cupcakes - Beginner

How many times have you bitten into a beautiful cupcake only to be disappointed by the intense sweetness of the icing? Fret not. In this hands-on class you’ll learn how to make the Opera cupcake, which is a recipe I developed by accident. It's an espresso cupcake topped with French coffee butter cream with just the right hint of sweetness. You’ll also learn how to turn the ever-popular carrot cake into cupcakes with decorations that everybody will love. Each participant will take home half a dozen of each flavor and two wonderful recipes that will be enjoyed for years to come.


Macarons (hands-on) Intermediate

Ever got frustrated making Parisian macarons? Want to find out how to give them the perfect shape and texture? Come and take a fully hands-on class where you'll make two flavors of macarons (chocolate and lemon). This lesson can be scheduled as a private lesson at $200 per person (one dozen of each flavor), or $250 for two people (half dozen of each flavor per person).